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What Makes XM8 Mastery so different?

Our training is designed specifically for Contractors in the Restoration Industry.

What does this mean? We teach you everything that you need to know about Xactimate® and nothing that you don’t.

Other training out there focuses on how to use a piece of software; we focus on how to make Xactimate® work for your business by maximizing insurance related estimates while saving you time estimating

Choose the program that suits your needs…
It’s Not About Activity, it’s About Results

Substantially raise the value of the job by increasing your billings by 20%, 30%, or even 50%. It’s true! Our clients tell us that they are able to do less jobs a month and make more than ever before simply by using the tools provided in XM8 Mastery training. We’ll show you how easy it is when you sign up for online training or enroll in one of our personalized live training sessions.

Become an Expert

With less than 1% of professional roofing contractors with Xactimate® certification, it’s easy to differentiate your company and create a niche in your market. Offer your expertise to local media outlets and become known as the expert in your city or state.

What will I learn in the Begin To Master Course?
  • Setting up your Company and branding the right way
  • Fundamentals of Roof and Interior Sketch
  • How to quickly find line items to build the estimate
  • What do line items include?
    Shortcuts and time-saving devices in Sketch
  • Hands-on estimating including a roof hail loss, a fire loss, category 3 water loss and a hurricane exterior/interior loss
  • How to use Macros and Note Templates
Total Time: 7 hours, 7 minutes
Advance to the Next Level of Xactimate teaches:
  • How to add images and notate them so the adjuster can clearly see the damage in your photos
  • Understanding price lists and how to re-price to current pricing
  • How to quickly send and receive info if an adjuster requests your estimate
  • Advanced Sketch concepts including staircases, vertex walls, deck framing, multi-storied structures, and much more
  • Sketch multi-leveled roofs with differing eave heights
  • Learn about labor minimums and how they affect the bottom line of the estimate
  • BONUS: Commercial Floor Plan and Roof Sketch
Total Time: 10 hours, 30 minutes
What about the Supplement Super Course?
  • How to build and edit your own Macros to include Note Templates
  • How to supplement the estimate from A to Z
  • Properly documenting the loss to provide proof to the adjuster
  • Using IRC code, manufacturer’s specifications, OSHA requirements, etc to get line items paid
  • Integrate Xactware’s O&P Whitepaper into your estimate and easily attach it
  • Live supplement a file along with the trainer Alena Wilson, step by step
  • Supplementing specific trades: roofing, siding, exterior accessories and interior repairs
  • Integrating the EagleView or Geomini roof/exterior measurement reports into your estimate
  • How to format the estimate so the adjuster can clearly see what you are supplementing for (makes a HUGE difference!)
  • The full library of Macros and Note Templates for you to import
Total Time: 26 hours, 37 minutes
Want more info about the Mastermind Group?
  • Access to the monthly Group Coaching Call where a scheduled topic is discussed and general Q&A is answered
  • An invitation to join in on our daily discussions on the private, paid-only Facebook page
  • Access to the Membership Site that contains all of the past recordings of Group Coaching Calls, broken down by topic
  • Weekly email updates with new tips & tricks about Xactimate or industry topics
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