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Stop Leaving Money on the Table Using Xactimate

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“Every insurance job we’ve had since the training, we’ve been able to substantially increase the value of the job and it is 100 percent due to the training we received at XM8 Mastery.”
Bill Ragan, President, Bill Ragan Roofing
Truly Master Xactimate®

Most contractors are self- taught in this industry and never get past the fundamentals of Xactimate®. It’s not an easy task to run a business, deal with insurance companies and use complicated estimating software written for adjusters to use. XM8 Mastery teaches you to utilize the software to its’ fullest and make it work for your business.

Training for Contractors SPECIFICALLY

Contractors use about 40% of Xactimate® as it contains a lot of components that are important to adjusters, but contractors will never use. XM8 Mastery is written specifically for a contractor performing insurance work so there’s no more time wasted on info you’ll never use.

Free Download

Increase your bottom line by downloading our FREE pdf containing the most commonly missed line items that top contractors use and adjusters absolutely will pay

Real Results

Contractors who have gone through XM8 Mastery’s Supplement Super Course have experienced increased supplement percentages, some up to 50% on average. These are real results based on maximizing insurance related estimates using legitimate and reasonable line items. This isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme – we give Contractors the skills needed to build a sustainable business in the storm restoration industry.

Cut Your Estimating Time in HALF

Learn how to build your own template lists called Macros – it’s basically 1 click to add lists of items organized by trade. Change the quantities and delete off what you don’t need and you’re estimate is DONE.

Overcome Adjuster’s Objections

Tired of checks from insurance being held up by the delay, deny and defend mode of operating? Learn how to use your estimate to properly document the loss in order to help the adjusters get the info they need to write the check.

Image is Everything

Forget Excel spreadsheets and homemade Word documents. XM8 Mastery’s training will show you how to create templates, estimates, and reports with your company branding. It’s an effective marketing tool and reflects your credibility and integrity. An important asset for any contractor.

Xactimate has drastically moved our profits much higher with little extra work. ALENA IS SUPERB TRAINER. Supplements and GCO&P are the icing on the cake. Increases our profit margins by an average of 27%.
Brad Elder

Owner, OK Strong

The training I received at XM8 Mastery has given me and my team the confidence and the courage to go up against the often intimidating insurance adjuster and win. The XM8 training was easy to understand and we were able to implement it immediately. The first insurance job we had, it more than covered the cost of the training and the software. The second insurance job we had, we took the original quote from $15,000 to over $50,000. Every insurance job we’ve had since the training, we’ve been able to substantially increase the value of the job and it is 100 percent due to the training we received at XM8 Mastery. I would highly recommend XM8 Mastery to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.
Bill Ragan

President, Bill Ragan Roofing & Associates, LLC