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Most contractors are self-taught in this industry and never get past the fundamentals of Xactimate®. It’s not an easy task to run a business, deal with insurance companies and use complicated estimating software written for adjusters to use.

XM8 Mastery teaches you to utilize the software to its’ fullest and make it work for your business. Learn how to use the software the right way, the first time instead of wasting time figuring out what works. 

XM8 Mastery is also geared towards the needs of the Contractror. Most Xactimate® training out there is designed to train insurance adjusters how to write estimates. Our training teaches you to write estimates like a Contractor so that you get paid what you should on the insurance related repair. 

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New Xactimate Line Items

Nov 17, 2020 - 1,366 Views

Did you know you can see a list of all of the newest line items added to Xactimate? There’s a Dashboard in Xactware’s support site where you may view all of the new labor and materials that have been added in the last month and in previous months!

Show the control key saves time!

nov 27, 2019 - 1,300 Views

When you know how to use the Control Key in Xactimate, you can add multiple doors and windows in a few seconds or change properties of multiple areas in Sketch in a few clicks. The Control Key also changes how you add additional rooms and roofs!

Importing EagleView into Xactimate Version X1

Mar 20, 2020 - 7k views

For the written instructions on how to import an EagleView into Xactimate, go to: https://xm8mastery.com/ev-import/

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XM8 Mastery’s Supplement Super Course increased supplement percentages up to 50% on average by maximizing insurance related estimates.


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Learn to fully document property losses and help insurance adjusters will all the data needed to write the check